The After School Adventure Program!


Our best services for your kids

icon1Cute Environment

A variety of opportunities  and experiences  await each child! Welcoming centers of play, reading areas with kid size recliners, books, and more await your child… not to mention the spacious outside shaded playground!

icon5Mish Mash Studio

Our Mish Mash Studio features training for Cheer, Dance, and Baton Twirling. Provide your child with a fun outlet and creative outlet by signing up today! 

icon3After School Activities

Between Tae Kwon Do, Aquatics Lessons, and more after school programs, your child is sure to have a great time in an incredible environment (and you get a few extra hours in your day as well!) 

icon2Day Care

Daycare is really Day busy-ness. We keep the children busy leading into each next curriculum that keeps a written plan – but if puppies visit , there goes the plan; and we follow happy moments where ever they lead us.

icon4Healthy Snacks

Snacks are two component and consist of fruit, veggie, dips, bread products, fruit juices, granola, cookies , goldfish and more.

icon6Professional Teachers

Our teachers adhere to the TLC core motto. Be tender, be loving and be caring to each and every child. Guide their imagination and welcome every child through our little kid doors. Teachers will help to develop children’s homework, health, and  hugs with every visit.