Pop Harvey Aquatics Association

2018 PHAA Learn to Swim Registration


2018 Lifeguard Information:

PHAA Employment Application

2018 PHAA Lifeguard Schedule

Minimum Wage Letter


Infant, Preschool, Primary School, and Elementary School Levels 1-6 of Red Cross, Swimming including Junior Lifeguard classes.

This is out 11th year without a public swimming pool in La Paz County usage commercial pool, KOFA Inn sponsored by C.R.I.T.



5 Children from the group home & C.R.I.T.

18 Children from Gingerbread House

10 Small children signed up for “Mom & Tot”

70 Public children signed up for swim class.

29 signed up for swim class

Scholarships: Alexander Gould-Fejeron and Vanessa Pringle

132 Total Involvement



$3,260 Swim Program Classes (Down $1,100 from last year)

$7,100 Donations from service clubs (Up $3,940)

$5,500 town of Parker (Same as last year)

$1,200 Parker Piranhas – Town of Parker (Same as last year)

$372.90 Water Show

$1,849.90 Ester Beaver Memorial (Down $287 from last year)

$19,282.80 Total Income (Up $2,506.45 From last year)



10 Jr High students employed

16 PHS Students employed

6 Adults employed

32 Total Summer Jobs Provided